Phil always talked about becoming a marriage celebrant but like most busy people simply never got around to it. It took his son Glenn to put the wheels in motion. Glenn and his partner Louise had set the date for their wedding and wanted Phil for their celebrant. Not realising how much work was involved Phil took up the challenge, he had 12 months to complete the course and become registered, no problem. He did it with less than 30 days to spare. Phew!!!

The fact that Phil was a celebrant and was to conduct their wedding remained a closely guarded secret with only the bride and groom, Phil and his wife Di, and Louise’s parents party to the secret. There could be no rehearsal and so the wedding ceremony proceeded “cold turkey” as they say. Surprise, surprise!!!

To say the wedding was a huge success would be the understatement of the century. Glenn and Louise were delighted, family and friends were totally lost for words and Phil was the proudest dad in the world. Phil`s father-in-law Len was sure the whole thing was illegal and had to be sedated for the duration of the ceremony.

Every wedding is special to Phil but Glenn and Louises will take some beating. Will yours do the trick?